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1. Let's Connect

The best way to know if we will work well together is to chat a bit.  Let's discuss your struggles, goals, motivations and see if I'm the right practitioner for you.  Set up free 15-30 minute call with me by clicking the "Let's Get Started" button below. 

2. Let's Prepare

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I'm excited to be working with you and eager to help you overcome your challenges and reach your health goals!  My first step is to do an assessment, most of which I will obtain from our first appointment but some information will come from you completing some forms.  Completing these forms allows me to prepare and provide you with highly personalized care.  You will fill these out electronically in the patient portal of Practice Better-the web-based platform I use to interact with clients.  I'll send you a link with instructions as soon as we decide to work together!

3. Let's Begin

Hotline Consultant

Forms are in, appointments are set-let's begin!  We will meet online to video conference in Practice Better. Our first appointment will be longer to really get to the heart of gathering information, listening to you needs, and setting up a short and long term plan to reach your goals.  Subsequent follow up sessions will be 30-45 minutes as we check in, assess progress, identify challenges and determine strategies to overcome them.  Each session will conclude with us setting up small, doable, health goals until our next session.  

4. Let's Talk Genetics

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You know, from reading my website, that I believe nutrition genetic analysis is an excellent tool to help discover how your body works and overcome built-in challenges that are just a part of how you function.  Many people have concerns about DNA testing, issues around privacy and fears of unexpected discoveries.  Let's discuss if genetic testing is right for you.  It will always remain completely voluntary, and I support and honor personal decisions about using this and any other technology or testing.

5. Let's Notice Improvement

Preparing Healthy Food

Working together, setting and achieving incremental goals and overcoming personal obstacles, you will begin to notice improvement.  What does your improved health look like?  Maybe it's less pain or joint stiffness or you notice improvement in mental clarity.  Maybe you've lost some weight, your skin looks better, or some GI symptoms have resolved.  Keep up the good work! You are beginning to realize that the efforts you've made are paying off and the motivation to keep and expand the wins is high!

5. Let's Celebrate

Healthy at any age

With hard work comes success!  We will celebrate your better health as you reach your goals and realize your potential.  Our partnership can come to an end, or you may decide to begin a maintenance phase, meeting once a month or a quarter.  Or perhaps you want to keep the momentum and set some new goals. It's up to you, but we will pause to celebrate your accomplishments and reflect on how you're new habits have improved your health.

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Let's explore working together.

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