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Harness the knowledge of your unique genetic code
to solve your most difficult nutrition-related problems
Why Nutritional Genetics

Why Nutritional Genetics?

Adkins, Paleo, Blood-Type, Keto: New diets pop up every day, all with sexy "after" photos and testimonials showing how great they work.  But don't believe the hype! Why?  One diet does not fit all, but rather we are all genetically different, and those differences influence how we:  metabolize our food, absorb nutrients, respond to energy needs, manage our weight, react to toxins, decrease internal inflammation and much more.

The newly emerging science of nutritional genomics allows insights into how your body works, and creates an opportunity to make nutrition-related changes highly personalized and more likely to succeed. Understanding differences in your unique genetic code can help with your most difficult health concerns, including:

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NOTHING works if your gut is messed up.  There's a lot to examine here: "leaky" gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food intolerances and sensitivities, and microbiome imbalances.  Let's tackle these issues first!


Remember mitochondria? The "powerhouse" of the cell.  Alterations identified  in your genes can make them less efficient leading to fatigue, but diet and lifestyle improvements can help improve energy levels.


Toxins come from both inside and outside our bodies, and they need to be eliminated for best health outcomes. Insights from your DNA analysis will help guide the strategies to get rid of them effectively.

Heart Health

There are great ways to assess heart health (blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL, LDL) and those values can be linked to nutrition (saturated fat, salt, red meat intake).  Genetics can offer even more insight on how to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Weight Management

Maybe you think you weigh too much.  Maybe weight is not a focus but you just want to feel and move better.  All of our biological systems are connected: gain genetic insights, start eating smarter and the weight will begin to shift in the direction you desire.

Brain Health

Nutrition interventions to maximize brain health is a hot topic!  There is solid scientific evidence that diet influences brain health and risks of dementia.  The MIND diet is a great guide, but your genetics will help us fine tune what you need to keep your brain healthy.

The 3x4 Genetics test provides valuable insights to many different aspects of your health and fitness.  The test reveals how minor alternations in your DNA, randomly inherited by your parents, can collectively affect how efficiently your body functions.  Knowing your own specific DNA changes can inform and empower nutritional adjustments to overcome their potential negative impact.

Your genetic report is broken down to highlight discoveries in key biological areas including:

  • Cellular Pathways (Inflammation, Detoxification, Methylation, Oxidative Stress)

  • Biological Systems (Brain Health, Hormone Balance, Bone Health, Glucose and Insulin)

  • Cardiovascular Health (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Clotting)

  • Energy (Weight Gain/Loss Resistance, Exercise Response, and Appetite/Satiety/Intake)

  • Activity (Power, Endurance, Recovery, Injury, and Training Response)

  • Nutrients (Vitamin D, Caffeine, Salt, Gluten, Vitamin C)

  • ...and much more!!!

I'm proud to be a 3x4 Genetics Laboratory Practitioner.  Check out the "About" page here for links to the 3x4 Laboratory's website, brochure, and a sample test result.

Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa Hillmann

Nutritional Genomics Dietitian 
Masters-Trained Genetic Counselor

Hello!  I'm Lisa Hillmann, a registered dietitian and masters-trained genetic counselor.   I specialize in personalized nutrition care using state-of-the-art genetic testing.  We are all genetically different, and  these unique differences can negatively affect the way our bodies metabolize food, handle stress and toxins, and manage our weight. There are ways to overcome these genetic liabilities through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Combining expansive genetic analysis and nutrition counseling results in a highly personalized plan that can help you overcome your most difficult health challenges.


A nutritional genomics assessment provides valuable insight on how to work with your genes to improve your health through diet and lifestyle changes.  We have about 30,000 genes, each providing essential biochemical instructions supporting a healthy body and mind.  We all have inherited changes in some of those genes that make them less efficient.  Many of these inefficient genes can be optimized with diet, lifestyle, or short-term targeted supplements allowing your body to get back into balance and feeling better.

The 3x4 Genetics test identifies those less-efficient genes and provides guidance on how to make them function at their best.  I further personalize the test results to focus on your immediate goals.  Together we create a path forward to help you realize your vision of better health, personalized especially for you.


 I am here to be your guide in reclaiming your good health through genetics and nutrition.  

There's no silver bullet to feeling great - it starts with discovering the unique way your body works,  sustained incremental changes to dietary habits, and a commitment to your personal recovery.  I am dedicated to helping you improve your health.  I have education and training in clinical genetics and dietetics, access to state-of-the-art genetic testing and the expertise to help you understand test results and overcome nutrition-related challenges.  

Interested in working together or learning more? Send me a message below or click the "Book an introductory call now" button and I'll forward a quick questionnaire to get to know you better.  We'll schedule a brief (15-30 minute) call to discuss your goals and how I can help. 

 Begin your journey to feeling better!  



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